Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Update This Week, Adding Tons of New Features

Bandai Namco has announced that it will be releasing a brand new update to Dragon Ball FighterZ on March 16 that not only implements some new gameplay adjustments, but will also introduce some new feature. One go the features, offline lobbies, is something fans have been asking for since the launch of the game, so they’ll no doubt he excited to hear about its inclusion.

For a more in-depth look at the upcoming update, check out the full look at the new list of features and changes coming to the game below:


  • Replay Channel: To enable implementation of the below gameplay adjustments (see “Gameplay” section), recorded data from Replay Channel will be erased.
  • World Match: Changed rematch system to 3 matches in both Ranked and Casual World Match.
  • Ring Match: Improved match-making and server stability.


  • SSGSS Goku: Fixed a bug that makes “x10 Kaioken Kamehameha” combo continue even if the opponent gets away from the attacks.
  • Captain Ginyu: Fixed a bug that makes Ginyu Force members collide with the opponent character and sometimes interrupts the latter’s attacks.
  • Nappa: Fixed a bug that makes Saibamen collide with the opponent character and sometimes interrupts the latter’s attacks.
  • All Characters: Fixed a bug that makes characters float in the air if Dragon Rush Clash happens when landing from mid-air back step.
  • All Characters: Fixed a bug that makes main characters say the wrong name when calling a Z-Change or Z-Assist.
  • All Characters: Fixed a bug that alters the hit box of Z-Assist characters under certain circumstances

    Hit / SSGSS Goku / SSGSS Vegeta: Fixed a bug that triggers Z-Change voice over dialogues instead of Z-Assist ones.

New Features

  • Z-Union: Added Z-Union feature that enables players to join “Unions” (fan clubs) of their favorite character and get special rewards. And the longer you stay in a Union, the better the rewards become.
  • Game Lobby: Added the possibility to leave the Lobby by using the stairs at the entrance.
  • Offline Lobby: Added option to enter the Offline Lobby from title screen.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now.

[Source: Gematsu]