Playroom VR Dick Pic Leaves PSVR Owner in Sticky Situation

The r/PS4 board on Reddit was blessed today with a thread titled “How to delete a photo from PlayRoom.” It’s an innocent enough request, but it also came with a not safe for work tag that made things far more interesting. It quickly caught the attention of users, and the story is quite hilarious.

“[Okay,] so I took a photo with my dick out,” began Reddit user Luluc4d. “I didn’t think the game would save, much less display the photo when I was showing my friends my new PSVR gear. I didnt see an album or anything like that.”


As with any thread, the comment section is just as entertaining as the original post. A few highlights:

  • After being told that his photo was saved to a server and that he should reach out to Sony before a possible ban, Luluc4d had a classic response: “It was soft and I didn’t agree to this.”
  • User too_drunk_for_this suggested the following: “The solution is easy. Just go to Staples and print out like 50 pictures of different guys’ dicks. All varieties of dicks. And then take pictures of those pictures and save em all on your PlayStation. That way no one will ever know which penis is actually yours.” Good idea!
  • Users came out in a passionate defense of Luluc4d. “SOFT DICK = NO BAN,” proclaimed user ChrizTaylor. Even OJ Simpson was evoked with the now legendary “If it was flaccid, you must pass it” defense by Echoesof1776.

If you’re curious about the actual solution, here it is from user SpongeBad:

From what I’ve read about the issue online (you are not the first person to have this problem), you have to delete the save game. Apparently the photos are embedded in there. You will lose any progress in the game, obviously.

Also, if you have automatic cloud save uploads turned on, delete the save from there as well … otherwise it’ll just keep coming back.

The internet is good.

[Source: Reddit]