Steep Live Activities Begin Next Month, Offer New Equipment

Ubisoft announced today that Season 1 of Steep’s new live activities will go live next week. The limited-time challenges start on April 1 and will allow players to earn exclusive equipment as they compete on the slopes. You can check out a brief trailer for the upcoming live activities coming to the game below.

According to Ubisoft, new activities will be available in April, May, and June. The activities themselves will run from April 1- June 29, and will give players the ability to win and unlock various equipment and gear as they play. The first season, Freeride, will give players the ability to win and unlock the Freeride World Tournament equipment set. A quick breakdown of the three months of activities is as follows:


  • Freeride World Tour Tournament
  • Exploration Completion Challenge
  • Freeride Steps Challenges


  • Wingsuit Tournament
  • Pro Racer Completion Challenges
  • Pro Racer Steps Challenges


  • Freestyle Tournament
  • Freestyle Completion Challenges
  • Freestyle Steps Challenges

For more on Steep, make sure to check out our review of their latest Road to the Olympics content. Here’s a snippet:

Even with the structure of the Olympic events being lacking, there’s still more than enough content here to justify the asking price. The Become a Legend campaign will take a few hours to get through, then there are all the traditional Steep-styled challenges, Mountain Stories, and the like that take place in the new Japanese and South Korean mountains. There’s certainly plenty to do in Road to the Olympics, and that’s before you even consider the number of times you’ll find yourself perched at the starting gates on the downhill course, getting ready to try to beat your best time just for yucks.

Steep is available now.