yokus island express gameplay trailer

Watch the Latest Yoku’s Island Express Gameplay Trailer

Yoku’s Island Express is still currently slated to launch sometime in Q2 2018, and with that in mind, Team17 and Villa Gorilla have released a brand new trailer for the pinball platform game earlier today. In the trailer, we’re introduced to the concept of side-quests in the game, as the video shows off accepting a quest from an NPC and going off to gather materials for them.

You can check out the trailer for the upcoming game below:

For more on the upcoming Yoku’s Island Express, make sure to check out below for a snippet from our preview of the game:

It was at this point that Yoku’s Island Express ventured across the line from challenging to annoying. Constantly being forced to hit the same skill shots to make my way up an area since I didn’t trigger the machines in the right order was an exercise in tedium. It doesn’t help that there’s very little feedback given to the player as to what they’re doing wrong, and I eventually ended the session without completing the level. I’m sure I could’ve figured it out if I hit my head against the wall some more, but I had stopped having fun at that point.

Despite running into some less than enjoyable puzzle design, I still think Yoku’s Island Express has a lot of potential to be something special. It’s a really unique spin on the pinball genre, and it features a lovely art style. As long as the bulk of the puzzles are fun to engage with, it looks like Villa Gorilla has a winner. There’s still plenty of time before its 2018 release to work out some rough edges and add in some better feedback to the player, and I’m excited to see what adventures the final release will hold.

Yoku’s Island Express will release sometime in Q2 2018.