Far Cry 5 Makes Fun of Previous Games’ Obsession With Towers

It’s a staple of not only Far Cry games, but Ubisoft games in general, to have towers or high points that reveal missions and points of interest in the surrounding area. Far Cry 5 deviates from this formula by making discovery organic and dynamic. Players will discover missions, characters, and other points of interest by talking to other characters and finding maps and magazines scattered around Hope County. It’s a nice change of pace, even if towers are replaced by a routine of taking outposts, and find every marker nearby that points to new locations.

Deciding to poke fun at themselves, one of the first things Ubisoft has you do in the game is, yup, climb a tower. Partway up, Dutch, the resistance member who guides you through the tutorial, quips to the player, “I know what you’re thinking, and no, I ain’t going to have you climbing towers all over the county for me, so don’t worry! Also try not to fall from up there.” Dutch also bears a striking resemblance to Far Cry 5 Creative Director Dan Hay, so it’s almost like the guy who made the game is reassuring players that he’s not going to make them climb a bunch of towers. Except this one of course. You still have to climb this one.

You can watch the scene with the Far Cry 5 tower Easter egg above. If you missed our Far Cry 5 review, we felt that the latest entry in the series makes some serious advancements while also hitting a few stumbling blocks. It’s still a lot of fun to play though, and Joseph Seed is the best villain that Far Cry has ever had. We also show you how to get an alien microwave gun to vaporize cultists, and a secret ending where Far Cry 5 can be completed within 10 minutes of pushing start.