Far Cry 5 Has an Alien Microwave Gun That Vaporizes Enemies, Here’s How to Get it

Far Cry has always deviated to some pretty bizarre places, and Far Cry 5 is no different. We already know that the season pass will quite literally be out of this world, but if you just absolutely need some alien technology while stomping around Hope County, Montana, there’s a side mission for that.

In John’s region (the Holland Valley area in the lower left) there is a resident named Larry Parker that has a series of quests involving alien conspiracies in this rural corner of America. You can find him by going to the fast travel point called Parker Laboratories. The quest line consists of four missions– Free Larry, The Hero’s Journey, Close Encounters, and Out of this World–and while I won’t spoil the ending for you, I will say it’s worth finishing for the reward. The Magnopulser is an alien microwave gun that can quickly turn cultists into a bloody mist. You can get a look at how this bizarre gun plays in the video above, along with a look at how it lobs a bear around a pumpkin patch.

The description of the Magnopulser reads, “This weapon uses some kind of microwaves that, if aimed properly, can explode organic targets. WTF?” Even when not aimed properly at close range, the Magnopulser has a knoackback effect that can put a grown man on his ass at range. As soon as I had the Magnopulser and my Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon jumpsuit, I spent the rest of the game obliterating any trace of Eden’s Gate while looking like a sci-fi action superstar. There’s nothing quite like liberating a cult-held outpost in the sticks while looking like a space marine reject. Keep in mind that killing enemies in this way makes looting them impossible, but loot matters so little in Far Cry 5, it’s well worth the price of entry to bring a little sci-fi justice down the their heads.

If missed our Far Cry 5 review, we felt that the latest entry in the series makes some serious advancements while also hitting a few stumbling blocks. It’s still a lot of fun to play though, and Joseph Seed is the best villain that Far Cry has ever had. Will you be grabbing the Far Cry 5 alien gun first thing when you get freedom in Hope County?