The War Machine, Call of Duty WWII’s Second DLC Pack, Gets an Exciting New Trailer

Activision clearly knows what hardcore gamers crave from a Call of Duty game. While fans eagerly await The War Machine DLC release date, the company just dropped a mouth-watering, two-minute trailer showcasing everything you’ve come to expect from the popular franchise.

Check out the new trailer and judge for yourself:

The War Machine is the newest DLC expansion for Call of Duty: WWII, which is set to wreak havoc on PlayStation 4 on April 10. In short, this new pack will add brand new maps, an extensive new mission, among other content to improve upon the overall experience. Let’s dig right in, shall we?

As the trailer shows, The War Machine DLC grants three multiplayer maps: Dunkirk, V2, and Egypt. This marks the first time the franchise explores the latter, and the action around the Great Pyramids and similar landmarks looks pretty darn good, we have to say.

Similarly, Dunkirk has players battling in a large, treacherous beach area with other players around the globe. The V2 mission, meanwhile, deviates from a public environment in favor of a secret rocket test site set in Germany.

The expansion’s War Mode mission, curiously titled Operation Husky, has players gathering intelligence while simultaneously gunning their way through key German locations.

As if fighting enemies on foot wasn’t enough, The War Machine also has players shooting down planes and making way for Allied bombers.

The DLC pack also explores the Nazi Zombies mode a bit further with The Shadowed Throne. As Activision aptly states, “Berlin is burning, and Doktor Straub’s monstrous army is hellbent on purging his city of the Allied invaders.”

PlayStation 4 players will be treated to this highly-anticipated pack one month before its released on PC and Xbox One. The War Machine is set for release on April 10 for $14.99, or you may optionally get it with Call of Duty: WWII’s $50 season pass, which also includes The Resistance DLC.

[Via: GameSpot]