Spyro The Dragon Twitter Account Sends a Single Tweet to Crash Bandicoot

The Spyro Trilogy Remaster talk has been a rollercoaster for fans during this past year. Leaks never led anywhere, rumors turned out to be trolls, and even though we all knew that something was coming, the discussion began to cool off. After IGN and others (YouTuber Boogie received one as well) received a mysterious scaly purple egg earlier this week, conversation surrounding Spyro the Dragon surged once again.

Today, the @SpyrotheDragon Twitter account, reportedly under Activision’s ownership, became public and sent a single tweet.

The Crash Bandicoot account that they tweeted at is the official Crash Bandicoot account, which lends additional weight to the speculation that not only is Spyro returning, but that he’ll be coming back in the form of a Spyro Trilogy Remaster, similar to the Crash Bandicoot collection that we got last year. Crash Bandicoot is also following that Spyro account, so we’re it’s looking increasingly likely this really is Activision’s Spyro and not somebody looking to jerk eager fans around.

The image tweeted from the Spyro account features the Crash Bandicoot costume bathed in a purple light, with a blurry reflection of a screen in his eyes. It might be wishful thinking, but to me, it looks like that screen could be Spyro. The orange bandicoot and purple dragon have long been linked. A secret code on the original Crash Bandicoot: Warped PS1 menu unlocked a Spyro demo. That same code actually worked on the PS4 N. Sane Trilogy version of the game, but only removed the cursor from the mneu, with no actual demo available. Could an update be incoming that actually activates a Spyro Remaster demo in the N. Sane Trilogy?

At this point, we’re confident it’s just a matter of time before Activision unveils Spyro and all this speculation can finally end. With all of the activity this week, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an announcement before Friday (though we’re not going to hold our breath this time).