Spyro Treasure Trilogy ‘Leaker’ Admits He Was Trolling, Made it All Up

Here’s another one in the Spyro saga that never seems to end. Last week, Reddit user B4DASS stirred up a storm when he alleged that Spyro the Dragon: Treasure Trilogy was to be imminently announced. The day came and went without the beloved purple dragon showing his head. This week, he tried to restart the rumors, but was shut down by mods who deleted his posts.

Today he finally admitted that he had made it all up and was trolling fans. His Black Ops 4 post that gave him some level of credibility turned out to be a lucky break, when he claimed info leaked by CharlieIntel (a well-known Call of Duty information hub) as his own. This is B4DASS’s full confession.

An apology

Just wanted to come out and say it’s been fun but the trolling is over. Sorry for messing with everyone’s expectations and whatnot. I’m a huge fan of the series and I want it out remade for the PS4 just as much as everyone else. The treasure trilogy was just some random title I found someone suggested here and apparently people ate that up for some reason. As far as credibility goes towards me “leaking” BO4 is all just blown out of proportion. I saw charlieintel tweeting the morning of the announcement that it would be today and he seemed very very confident, so I posted it on the PS4 subreddit and it turned out to be true. Nothing to do with inside sources or anything. Kinda strange it’s gotten to the point where if I type my name on Twitter search bar there’s just a bunch of random people mentioning me and this announcement. So once again I’m sorry for messing around with everyone and do want to apologize sincerely. I do think the reveal is imminent, it’s basically obvious at this point to be honest. Ban me if necessary

Despite admitting that he made the Spyro Treasure Trilogy up, there is a still a lot of evidence pointing to a Spyro Trilogy remaster/remake coming at some point. The Spyro the Dragon Twitter account was recently put under new ownership and set to private, and Kotaku UK published a rumor saying that the Spyro Trilogy was coming this year, to be announced in March. The retailer Target has also been posting on Twitter, seemingly confirming the game’s release in September.

Are you upset that the Spyro the Dragon: Treasure Trilogy leak turned out to be nothing more than the creative imagination of a troll? When do you think we’ll finally get official confirmation that Spyro is back so that we can stop jumping at every single little rumor?