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Eidos Montreal Hiring a Monetization Specialist, Studio Head Tells Fans Not to Worry

Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal recently published a job vacancy for a Monetization Specialist, which has fans understandably worried. Over on the studio’s website, a role description outlines the following duties:

  • Create and manage promotion and A/B testing campaigns inside and across Eidos Montreal titles.
  • Set-up sponsoring mechanics, coupons, rebate, deal, cross-selling and up-selling offers.
  • Create customer loyalty efforts, newsletters and customer segmentations.
  • Manage and improve the in-game stores  in terms of content, experience and pricing strategy.
  • Define, follow, analyze and improve on the business KPIs and provide reporting on an on-going basis.

Upon discovering the advert, fans took to Twitter to relay their concerns to Eidos Montreal head, David Anfossi. While he didn’t have a lot to say in response, Anfossi told fans not to worry and to trust the studio.

Last December, Eidos Montreal updated its vision statement to include an emphasis on “online experiences,” which prompted similar concerns from fans who’ve known the developer for its single-player experiences. Anfossi reiterated at the time that the team has no plans to give up on single-player games with strong narratives. “This is what we like to do,” he said.

Eidos Montreal signed an agreement with Marvel Entertainment last year to produce video games based on the Avengers franchise.

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