God of war david K harbour

Watch David K. Harbour Spike a DualShock 4 into the Floor While Playing God of War

There are certain things that I didn’t actually know I wanted in my life until after they happened. Seeing Stranger Things and Hellboy star David K. Harbour play some God of War with Cory Barlog is one of those things. GameSpot got the opportunity to bring the actor to a appropriately decorated set, where they drank “coffee out of weird mugs” and played through a portion of the long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Harbour, who has played previous God of War games, was eager to step into the tattooed and ash-covered body of Kratos to bring some rage down on Norse beasts and monsters. His signature charisma shines throughout the video, occasionally calling Kratos “Kray-Kray” as he chides the stoic character for being too upset at his son. Later he talks about Atreus killing a man, and says that it would be nice to have a man like Kratos there to get him through that moment.

The real highlight of the video comes near the end. After conquering one of the large boss creatures, Harbour leaps up from his seat shouting “Yes! Yes!! I am the god of war! I am the god of war!!” before hurling his DualShock 4 to the ground. There is an audible smack as it hits the hard floor, and both Cory Barlog and GameSpot’s Lucy James look momentarily shocked. Barlog glances off to the side as the controller bounces away. Apparently they had a spare (pro gamer tip: always have a spare controller), because as the video ends, Harbour sets out to play even further into the game.

It’s a fun video that both serves to highlight God of War and show off some of that David Harbour charm. I’d love to have a live David K. Harbour commentary track for my God of War playthrough. If I do somehow manage to get the star to hang out with me, however, I’ll be hiding the extra DualShock 4s until he’s long gone.

Did you know you needed a God of War David K. Harbour crossover in your life? As we near launch, a ton of new details have been revealed about the game. We have an interview that we did with Cory Barlog last month, which gave a lot of interesting insight into development of the game. The file size of the final game was also revealed for anyone looking to clear up some space to download it.

God of War releases exclusively for PS4 on April 20.

[Source: GameSpot]