Detroit: Become Human Has Gone Gold

Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold, as studio Quantic Dream has formally announced over at the PlayStation Blog today. For those unaware, that means formal development on the game is officially done, and discs are ready to be made for retail ahead of its May 25, 2018 release date. Along with the news of the game going gold, Quantic Dream announced that a demo for the game would go live on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

The Hostage demo experience, which many of you might remember from an earlier showing of the game, will be available to download tomorrow at 12:01 AM EST. The demo will allow players to take on the role of Connor as he tries to negotiate a high-stakes hostage situation. Quantic Dream also announced that owners of an Amazon Alexa Device will also be able to use that to help in their quests in the game.

The new Alexa Skill, called “CyberLife,” will allow players to seek guidance and additional intel about the android filled world of Detroit. As you negotiate through the hostage situation, the CyberLife skill will help guide you in your decision making throughout the process, while also giving you a deeper look at some of the characters involved in the demo. With the skill, you’ll be able to learn more about the world of Detroit: Become Human, including:

  • Tell Me About – Get more details as you examine every piece of the crime scene.

    Try saying: “Alexa, ask CyberLife to tell me about the fish?”
  • What’s Their Story? – Uncover the truth behind any character you find within the demo.

    Try saying: “Alexa, ask CyberLife to tell me about the Phillips Family?”
  • Alter the Course of History – Using the Flowchart at the end of the demo, use the skill to discover alternate endings.

    Try saying: “Alexa, ask CyberLife why Connor failed to reach Daniel in time?”

Detroit: Become Human will launch on May 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]