Detroit: Become Human Demo Available This Week, Features the Hostage Scene

If you’re eager to become an android becoming a human, you won’t have to wait much longer. Starting April 24, a Detroit: Become Human demo will be available on the PlayStation Store, featuring the game’s opening Hostage scene. Detroit is the latest game from Quantic Dream and David Cage, known for narrative games where choice matters like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The Hostage scene sees players taking on the role of Connor, an investigator android sent to assist police in matters associated with androids that have broken their programming, known as deviants. One of those deviants has seemingly killed someone and taken a little girl hostage. It is Connor’s responsibility to investigate the situation and try to save the girl before the deviant takes her over the edge of the tall skyscraper.

This scene has been shown numerous times before, and can come to a number of conclusions, including the deaths of many involved. Players will finally get the opportunity to run through this scenario themselves, giving them a small sample of just how different choices can drastically impact the story of Detroit: Become Human.

Recently, Detroit’s PS4 Pro enhancements were revealed. A behind-the-scenes video gives an in-depth look at the creation of Detroit, from the narrative structure of weaving three characters’ stories together, to the music and acting work that go into bringing the story to life. There was also a recent rumor going around that the game’s visuals had been downgraded, but it was a simply matter of a low-quality video being uploaded for comparison.

We played the first three hours of Detroit: Become Human and found a game about androids and the future to be surprisingly modern and human.

The Detroit: Become Human demo will be available free for all players on April 24. Detroit: Become Human releases on May 25 exclusively on PS4.