New SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Customization Options Revealed

NIS America and SNK have just announced that SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy will introduce a wide variety of customization options and items to choose from.

Available from the game’s Customization Mode, players can use these to heavily modify their characters along with other in-game elements.

Here’s what Customization Mode introduces:

  • Select from over 100 accessories to stylize your fighters. These include wings, hats, glasses, ears, tattoos, and much more
  • Four in-game voices to choose from
  • Different backgrounds and frames to pose your fighter and create unique wallpapers
  • All items and features are all unlockable through in-game currency, which is earned from battles and competitions

We all love a good fighting game, especially when robust customization options are present. And the ability to obtain these through in-game currency (as opposed to microtransactions) is definitely a breath of fresh air.

SNK Heroines was originally planned for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. An arcade edition was later revealed back in March, though no release date is yet known for this particular version.

Check out this SNK Heroines gameplay trailer in action:

Unlike traditional fighting games, SNK Heroines relies on two characters per fight. The player must choose an “Attacker” as the primary fighter, along with a “Supporter” to assist in each round.

Additionally, players must win the fight with a special move known as the “Dream Finish,” which means it’s impossible to simply beat an opponent with normal moves. Think of it as Mortal Kombat forcing you to use a Fatality to claim your victory, though with a more approachable and simplified move.

Otherwise, the game offers an online mode as well as the ability for spectators (inactive players) to view others fight.

Get ready for a fight when SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy releases on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 7, 2018.