Cross-Play Podcast Episode #3: Detroit is Leaking

Cross-Play made it to episode three! If we keep up this pace, we’ll reach a whole month of our soothing tones gracing the internet. The Cross-Play Podcast brings you the greatest collaborative podcast between PSLS writers and Game Revolution writers, crossing site, state, and country borders. We’ve even got a guy from Texas, though his voice might be a rare Easter egg during the course of the show.

The Cross-Play Podcast sees worlds collide as PlayStation LifeStyle and our sister site Game Revolution come together to talk about what we all do best: games. In the third episode, we talk about Detroit: Become Human after one of us had a chance to go hands-on with the first three hours of the game. We also talk about leaks, how damaging they can be to the industry, and the trouble that we as journalists face with NDAs and those who leak out privileged information. At the end we answer a few reader questions about if we still play and enjoy games in our free time (free time? What’s that?) and if we ever continue to play games that we’ve reviewed.

This is the next episode in a weekly podcast series for PSLS and GR readers (and now listeners), with every new episode coming to you right here on PSLS every Tuesday (is it Thursday already? My, my, how time likes to pass). We’re always looking for more questions from our readers to answer in each episode, so if there’s something you wanted to ask us, then sound off in the comments section below.

In our next episode, we’ll be talking about the Shadow of the Tomb Raider reveal and other news bits that we picked up this week.

This episode of the Cross-Play Podcast features PSLS Editor-in-Chief Cameron Teague and Senior Editor Chandler Wood joined by GR’s Executive Editor Paul Tamburro and Lead Editor Jason Faulkner, with us covering the biggest releases of the past couple of weeks along with the biggest gaming news. Listen to the podcast with SoundCloud and YouTube below. We have iTunes and Spotify versions set to follow in the very near future:

What did you think of this episode of the Cross-Play Podcast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll see you next week!