Vampyr Gameplay

New Vampyr Gameplay Trailer Shows Sneak Peek at ‘Bloody’ Combat

While blood and gore PS4 fans are still awaiting the debut of Dontnod Entertainment’s newest action-RPG, the game developer just released a new Vampyr gameplay trailer for everyone to enjoy.

Entitled “Becoming the Monster,” the new trailer gives everyone a glimpse of the combat sequences that players should expect in the game. In the trailer, protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid can be seen feeding on various non-playable characters.

The latter half of the clip showcases Dr. Reid’s fighting capabilities against his prey, people who want him dead, and even otherworldly creatures of the night. Similar to other action RPGs, some combat sequences may lead to cutscenes that will provide cinematic appeal to combat in Vampyr.

If there’s one thing the new Vampyr gameplay trailer is not wary about, it’s the substantial amount of blood spilled in the action sequences. Whether it’s the blood of the protagonist or his prey, the generous depiction of violence will surely be enjoyed by fans of the genre.

Doctor or Killer?

In Vampyr, Dr. Reid’s life turns upside down when he becomes a vampire, and requires blood in order to survive. He must balance his thirst for blood, and the oath he swore to protect the citizens of London. In the process, he also needs to find the antidote for the Spanish flu of 1918.

This means Dr. Reid will have to choose which people would he save and which of them will become his prey. Feasting on human blood is also the only means for the protagonist to gain powerful skills and abilities throughout the game. In addition, publisher Focus Home Interactive mentioned in an earlier press report that each kill will have consequences that the protagonist will need to deal with one way or the other.

Here’s the fresh trailer:

Vampyr is set to be released for the PS4 on June 5th.