New Patch for Gems of War Added a New Pet System

Gems of War, a puzzle board game by 505 games, is getting a new patch update that adds more depth into their puzzle action.

One of these is an event called Pet Rescue. Players can now own pets that they can raise. These pets can then help in battles by providing certain bonuses whenever players try to conquer an area.

Here are the specific details regarding the pet system:

    gems of war patch update pets 3


  • Pets have been added to the game
  • Pets can be viewed in the Troop Menu (on the Pets tab)
  • Pets can be unlocked via the Pet Rescue minigame (more on that below)
  • Pets come in 3 Types: Buff, Loot or Event
  • Buff Pets will increase team bonuses from Kingdom, Color or Troop Type. They may also increase a Gem Mastery
  • Loot Pets provide small bonuses towards XP, Gold or Souls earned. The Hero Bonus pop up on the world map has been updated to include any bonuses from these Pets
  • Event Pets give no bonuses and are cosmetic only, however they can still be levelled for Pet Mastery
  • Pets can be levelled using Pet Food
  • There are 7 Types of Pet Food, 6 Colored and 1 Generic
  • Using correct colored Pet Food for a Pet will give double XP (Pet Color is displayed as the Pet Card Background). Generic white food gives regular XP, while incorrectly-colored food gives only 20% XP
  • Pet Food can be earned from Pet Rescue Event (as part of Rewards), manually trading-in excess Pets (once they have been maxed out – kind of like disenchanting troops), or by crafting food in the Soul Forge
  • Pets have level caps (similar to Troop rarities), and need more copies of the pet in order to merge them together and raise the level cap to the next point
  • At reaching levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 the Pet’s bonus increases becoming more effective
  • Pets can be equipped to appear on your hero’s shoulder
  • With the 3.4 Update, there will be 36 different Pets available to collect
  • A new Pet will be released each month

Pet Mastery

  • Pet Mastery is viewed in the Troop Menu > Pets Tab, replacing the Team List
  • Pet Mastery is a new system that rewards players for collecting and levelling Pets
  • Pet Mastery is the total sum of all a player’s collected Pets’ levels
  • Every 5 levels of Pet Mastery will give a reward of Gems
  • Every 25 levels of Pet Mastery will give a Chaos Orb (instead of the normal Gems)
  • Every 100 levels of Pet Mastery will give a Greater Chaos Orb (instead of Gems or lesser Chaos Orb)

Pet Rescue

  • New Gnomes (Pet Gnomes) will only appear in Ranked PVP, Casual PVP, or Arena
  • Defeat Pet Gnomes to unlock a limited time (1 hour) Pet Rescue Event for you and your guildmates
  • Only 1 Pet Rescue can be active at a time, so defeating a Pet Gnome while an Event is running will drop Pet food instead
  • Pet Rescues require players to defeat 8 battles that get increasingly harder battles to save the Pet from their captor
  • Each Battle will give a reward, which may contain a pet or some pet food
  • Winning all 8 battles will guarantee the Pet from the Event for that player
  • Each player in the guild must earn the pet from the Pet Event by themselves (so while it unlocks for everyone in a guild, it’s plays like a solo event)
  • Once per week a scheduled Pet Rescue Event will happen for 24hrs allowing players to attempt to rescue that Pet
  • New Pets will first appear in a scheduled event then have a chance to appear from Pet Gnome events

Another update they brought into the game is the addition of Doomskulls. These are unique gems that add a battle-like control of the field. You can either use them to send destruction to your opponents, but be careful, since they can also backfire and you might get the short end of the stick.

Here are more information regarding Doomskulls:


  • Doomskulls now can appear in puzzle games instead of a normal skull (but at a lower rate, around 10%)
  • Like in Puzzle Quest when matched they will explode, destroying the gems around them
  • Doomskulls will provide +5 extra damage when matched or destroyed
  • New Doomskull related spells and traits will be featured in the upcoming kingdom, Dhrak-Zum

More information about their recent patch 3.4 is available here.

Gems of War can now be downloaded and played on the PlayStation 4.