DayZ Creative Director Leaves Bohemia Interactive

DayZ Creative Director, Brian Hicks, has announced that he’s leaving Bohemia Interactive to explore other opportunities back home in the United States.

In a status report last week, Hicks said that he started taking a backseat during the development of the game’s .63 update, and feels like there’s little need left for him on the team, much like designer Dean Hall who left Bohemia in 2014.

“I’ve spent years talking to you all, working with the team, and collaborating with [designer] Peter [Nespešný] on where we want DayZ to be, how we want DayZ to feel,” he wrote. “Now that you have started to see, and touch DayZ .63 I feel like our plans, our dreams are finally within grasp.”

DayZ has been in early access for quite some time, and is scheduled to release later this year. Back in February, Bohemia said that a PlayStation 4 version is still in the works but couldn’t provide a release window.

As for what’s next for Hicks, he has yet to make an announcement but did say that he’s been working for free as a design consultant with Nespešný over the past year. “From here, I look forward to opportunities back home in the States, being closer to family, and playing DayZ as much as I possibly can,” Hicks wrote to wrap up his post.

We’ll update our readers when we have more info on DayZ‘s PS4 release.

[Source: DayZ]