Devs Say DayZ Still Coming to the PlayStation 4 ‘Eventually’

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard much of anything regarding the console versions of DayZ. When it was originally announced as an Early Access PC title, the studio said that eventually, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions would be releasing. Since then, it’s been pretty quiet, and while fans continue to wait somewhat patiently for the title, Bohemia Interactive – the developers behind the title – continue to work on the game.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, one fan shot a question to the DayZ development team regarding possible console releases, and the reply should get most fans somewhat excited.

According to the tweet (above), not only is an Xbox One version coming, it’s coming sometime this year to the Xbox Game Preview program. As far as a PlayStation 4 version goes, the tweet still confirmed that they will be releasing DayZ on the Sony platform, but they “just don’t know when” yet. Obviously, this isn’t what some fans want to hear, but it is good to see that Bohemia continues to not only develop for the consoles, but keep both of them in mind.

The most likely answer as to why the game will be releasing on the Xbox One earlier is due to the Xbox Game Preview Program, which allows games that might not be finished yet to hit the console for players to experience. Two months ago, the development team seemingly confirmed that with a tweet when asked where the console versions of the game was. We’ll make sure to update you whenever updates are available.

[Souce: GamingBolt]