PSA: Warmind Players, Don’t Redeem Your Destiny 2 Clan XP Engram This Week

If you’ve been grinding away at Destiny 2’s latest content offering with last week’s release of Warmind, you’re probably eager to get as many powerful engrams as you can this week in order to level up to the Power cap of 385. One of those engrams is granted for reaching your personal Clan XP goal of 5000 with each character, but player’s this week have encountered an issue with that Clan XP engram.

The Clan XP reward is supposed to drop at a a higher Power level, but Guardians have been getting 340 drops, which is the soft cap that gets enacted once you complete the Warmind campaign. Bungie acknowledged the issue in a tweet yesterday, while offering a workaround to the problem.

Unfortunately, it looks like if you’ve already redeemed the engram for the week, you’re out of luck. For everyone else, those rewards won’t be able to help you this week, but Bungie has assured players that if they hold onto it until next week, the engram will decrypt at the appropriate levels.

We took a look at Warmind, and while Destiny 2’s second expansion isn’t perfect, it does a lot of things right for the game. Already Bungie has issued quick fixes for any issues that have arisen since last week’s update. They are working hard to make sure that players get the rewards they deserve by fixing this Destiny 2 Clan XP engram issue.

Secrets and things to chase have returned to the game, including a fascinating cipher that was solved by the community. This puzzle led players to a real-life cache hidden in upstate New York that included a replica of a weapon from the game, collectible coins, and a note of thanks from the development team.

Have you already redeemed your Destiny 2 Clan XP engram, or did you get the warning before completing that milestone?