Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC Roadmap Reveals Lots of Planned Content

Earlier this morning, Kingdom Come: Deliverance developers Warhorse Studios took to Twitter to confirm that not only will the medieval RPG have DLC, it will have a lot. The company took to the social media platform to reveal their DLC roadmap for Kingdom Come, and it’s peppered with various free and paid DLC that stretches all the way into 2019, which should keep fans playing the game for the foreseeable future and well beyond.

No specific release dates (other than the general year) have been announced at this time, but we do know that the first story DLC, From the Ashes, will launch sometime this summer after its reveal at E3 2018. It seems that two other DLC expansions, The Amorous Adventures of Sir Hans Capon and Band of Bastards, will launch in 2018 as well. As far as free DLC goes, Warhorse will be implanting a Hardcore Mode, Tournament play, and Modding Support into the game between now and 2019. Other features, like a Making of video and Combat Academy mode, will only be available for free to early crowdfunding supporters.

Despite the generally lukewarm reception to the game, it has still managed to go on and sell over a million copies across all platforms, and with Warhorse Studios prepping to continuously update the game with no content and features, fans of the game will likely have no problems finding things to do in the world of Kingdom Come. Are you looking forward to any of the DLC for Kingdom Come? Let us know in the comments.