Watch the Battlefield V Live Reveal Event Right Here, Starts at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST

As E3 closes in, more and more studios are starting show off their coming games to the world. Battlefield hasn’t seen a new entry in almost two years, forgoing the yearly schedule that other games often set. It’s not long now until Battlefield V is unveiled to the world, and you can watch the live stream right here with us. We’ve embedded the YouTube live feed above, but if that’s not working, you can head over to the Battlefield Twitch to watch it there.

While not many details are yet known about the next entry in the Battlefield franchise, a number of leaks have revealed possible details we might see. Rumors put Battlefield V in WWII, with the recent teaser seeming to confirm this period. Fans are guessing that the game will follow the same structure as 2016’s Battlefield 1, telling a series of stories across its campaign. Of course, one rumor also suggests we’ll see a battle royale multiplayer mode.

Battlefield V was first teased when players found a hidden Easter egg in a Battlefield 1 map. A long locked door was finally able to be opened, and water dripping from the pipes was in Morse code. The Morse code led players to a website that teased the reveal stream set for today. Quite literally, Battlefield 1 leaked the Battlefield V reveal.

The Battlefield V reveal comes only shortly after Treyarch revealed their latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, an ambitious new project that forgoes a campaign to focus on multiplayer and Zombies. Will the lack of a single-player campaign hurt Black Ops 4 when it goes up against Battlefield V later this fall? We’ll just have to wait and see what EA and DICE are prepared to show us in today’s Battlefield V reveal live stream.