7scarlet endings guide

7’scarlet Endings and Trophy Guide

7’scarlet has twelve different endings, but only seven have unique trophies attached to them. However, if you want the “Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club” trophy as well as all of the character CG trophies, you’ll need to see all twelve. It will take some time to see all of them, but it’s fairly easy to view all of the Happy Endings available. Even if you miss one, the game allows you to start at the beginning of that particular character route at any time to try again.

As for the Normal Endings, a few of those are tricky to trigger, pushing you toward a few of the Bad Endings instead. I stopped keeping track of all the ways to get a Bad Ending, because each route has multiple ways for things to go south. Some are interesting to witness, but there’s no trophy reward for them. Follow this guide, and you’ll unlock all of the Normal and Happy Endings, which will, in turn, unlock all of the trophies for the character CGs and the “Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club” trophy.

Unlocking the various routes to these Endings depends upon the Happy Endings already unlocked as well as dialogue choices. I’ve put the Endings in order that they can be unlocked. Please note that the first two routes for Hino and Isora can be done in any order. It’s after both are complete that the others unlock one at a time.

This guide lists the choices you should make throughout each route to unlock these trophies.

When going through the Prologue and early chapters for the first time, save when Hino asks Ichiko which of three accessories she would prefer. All three of these accessories must be chosen at some point to unlock various tips for the “Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club” trophy.

Isora Route

7sCarlet Endings Guide - Isora

Choose to go to the summer festival with Isora to start his route and unlock the “Isora Amari’s Dedication” trophy.

Isora Happy Ending

  • Look away
  • I wanted to watch you cook.
  • Thank Isora
  • I trust you.
  • Go for ride on a boat.
  • After Yuki left…
  • I’ll get them.
  • Blindly trust (Save at this choice before choosing “Blindly trust.”)
  • Stay in room.

“Endless Sky” trophy unlocks.

Isora Normal Ending

Load save at “Blindly Trust” or “Ask what’s going on” choice.

  • Ask what’s going on
  • Stay in room.

Isora’s final memory will unlock, thus popping the “Apprentice Chef” trophy.

Hino Route

7sCarlet Endings guide - Hino

Choose to go to the summer festival with Hino to start his route and unlock the “The Melancholy of Hino Kagutsuchi” trophy.

Hino Happy Ending

  • He looks good.
  • Shaved Ice
  • Check on Hino.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Dry it with a hankerchief.
  • Clean baths with Hino. (Save at this choice.)
  • I can’t think of anyone.
  • Yeah, you’re right.
  • Continue looking for your brother.
  • Examine floor.

“Smile of the Distant Sun” trophy will unlock.

Hino Normal Ending

Load your save at the “Clean baths with Hino” choice.

  • I’ll take a bath tomorrow.
  • I can’t think of anyone.
  • Yeah, you’re right.
  • Think about it.
  • Examine floor.

Normal ending proceeds. Hino’s final memory will unlock, popping the “Rare Character Collector” trophy.

Toa Route

7sCarlet Endings guide - Toa

Load your accessories choice save.

Toa Happy Ending

  • White cat brooch
  • Yeah, I do.
  • Talk to Toa (at the first Supernatural Club meeting)
  • Take a bath.
  • Red curtain (Save a new game at this choice.)
  • Talk with Toa at the barbecue
  • Go for a walk.
  • This next choice does not matter (yet).
  • Go to the summer festival with Toa. “Toa Kushinada’s Heartbreak” trophy unlocks.
  • You just seemed like you were having fun.
  • Try a bite from Toa’s skewer.
  • You’re so kind, Toa.
  • Yeah, okay.
  • I’m glad you told me all that.
  • Ask if there’s anything you can do.
  • Head to the tunnel. (Heading to the overlook unlocks a very bad ending.)
  • Why did you pick me?
  • Let’s get out of here.

“LOVESICK” trophy unlocks.

Normal Ending not necessary to unlock “Lead Singer” trophy. If you’d like to see it anyway, from the start of Toa’s Route, make a different choice for one (and only one) of the choices above. Any more than that and a bad ending unfolds. Do not choose “Head to the overlook” unless you want one of the bad endings.

Sosuke Route

7sCarlet Endings guide - Sosuke

Load your accessories choice save. Choose an accessory you haven’t picked yet to unlock a tip for the “Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club” trophy.

Sosuke Happy Ending

  • At the first Supernatural Club meeting, talk to Sosuke.
  • Go on a walk with Sosuke at the barbecue.
  • Go for a short walk.
  • Walk a while longer.
  • Go with Sosuke to the summer festival. “Sosuke Tatehira’s Decision” trophy unlocks.
  • Are you bored?
  • Offer him your mizu-ame.
  • Because you didn’t smile much.
  • Be happy.
  • Silently put your hand on his.
  • I feel the same way.
  • Open the door.
  • Guess anyone to be the revenant. It doesn’t matter, but guessing Sosuke as the revenant gets a humorous response.
  • Stay here. Choosing “Go back to your room” unlocks a bad ending.
  • Mr. Tsukuyomi

“The Optical Illusion Clears” trophy unlocks with the “Doctor of Medicine” trophy.

Thus, the Normal Ending is not required, but to see it anyway, start at the beginning of the Sosuke Route and make at least one different choice (but don’t choose “Go back to your room”). However, don’t change all of the choices, otherwise a bad ending will unfold.

Yuzuki’s route is now available.

Yuzuki Route

7sCarlet Endings guide - Yuzuki

Yuzuki’s Route only unlocks after the first four Happy Endings unlock. The only way to begin his route is to start a new game and choose his route. You cannot reach it organically through the prologue or early chapters.

  • Those flowers are beautiful.
  • Ignore him.
  • Stay silent.
  • Back (Choose “Other” just for the hilarity, but come back to choose “Back.”)
  • I was so scared.
  • Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri. (Asking about the Ensepulchers results in a bad ending.)
  • I’m not sure. (Save at this choice.)
  • Is it Yasu?
  • Throw something (Choosing to run results in a bad ending.)

“Ideal Boss” and “Looking Up at the Moon” trophies will both unlock.

Normal Ending is not required, but if you want to see it, load your save at “I’m not sure” and choose “I do.”

  • Is it Yasu?
  • Throw something
  • Look away. (“Stare at it” opens a very long, very sad, and rather bad ending.)

Toa’s True Route is now available.

Toa True Route

7sCarlet Endings guide - Toa true route

Like Yuzuki’s route, the Toa True Route can only be reached by starting a new game and choosing the True Route chapter.

  • Women’s bath

“An Endlessly Continuing World” trophy unlocks with “Smiles All Around” trophy.

Start a new game. Choose the Toa Happy Ending to start. There’s now a new epilogue after the end credits that has another tip for the “Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club” trophy.

Hanate’s route is now available.

Hanate Route

7sCarlet Endings guide - Hanate

Begin Hanate’s route by choosing it from the New Game menu. “Remembering Hanate Yatsukami” trophy unlocks.

  • Check the couch.
  • I can’t do it.

“Treasure Chest of Memories” unlocks. “FIN” will unlock as well if you have been following this guide.

If “Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club” trophy does not unlock, look through the Tips section to get an idea which route or chapter has what you are missing. Play through those routes (yay for Skip Already Read feature!) and make different choices for the missing tips. They should all unlock upon getting all of the Happy Endings, but it’s easy to miss the three tips from the three accessories choice near the beginning as well as the tip from the second Toa Happy Ending epilogue.

“Okunezato Master!” platinum trophy unlocks.

Good luck in your trophy hunt! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.