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Detroit: Become Human Tops UK Chart on Debut

Detroit: Become Human is a success. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the position it’s in. Quantic Dream’s PS4 debut has managed to top the UK chart upon release making it, remarkably, the tenth PS4 exclusive to do so in 2018.

Detroit Become Human sales are, inevitably, a baramoter of the title’s success, especially as it launched after the wildly successful God of War reboot. Thankfully, David Cage and co. have left their mark on both the critics and the charts, across the pond at least.

With 20 weeks of the year having passed, it is absolutely remarkable that 10 PlayStation-exclusive titles, now including Detroit: Become Human sales, have topped the UK charts. That’s not even taking into account God of War and its near-record breaking run at the head of the UK sales rankings.

Following in the footsteps of Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter: World and God of War, Detroit: Become Human is the latest in the long line of killer PS4 exclusives to serve up a stellar platter for Sony’s console.

For comparison, Beyond: Two Souls managed to pass a million units sold. While it may take a little longer for Detroit: Become Human sales to match its predecessor (though no official numbers have been released), it shouldn’t be too long before David Cage can start counting that coin again.

It seems that, as long as you’re on PS4, have “of” in your title and/or a colon, you should be on course for a stellar return. Coming soon, The Last of Us 2: Ellie of War? Think about it, Naughty Dog. Think about it.

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