That WB Games and Hitman Announcement is Hitman 2, More Info on Thursday

Earlier today, two different and seemingly separate upcoming reveals were teased. First, the Hitman Twitter account teased a reveal coming on June 7. 47 minutes later, Warner Bros. released a countdown indicating an announcement within 72 hours, which would put it at the same time as the Hitman reveal. Some people began connecting the dots (WB is now the publisher for IO Interactive’s Hitman, Agent 47 is the main character, 47 minutes between tweets, Hamsun logo in the background of the WB reveal teaser, Hamsun Oil was in Hitman’s first season) and guessing that both were related, but it was still unknown exactly what was being announced.

The site given for the WB reveal is, and intrepid internet sleuths were able to pull the logo for Hitman 2 (above) from the site’s source code, seemingly confirming what we’ll be seeing on Thursday. The Hitman 2 logo has now been removed from the page source code, but the image can still be found on the WBGames site.

Yesterday, a Dutch outlet’s article (now deleted) seemed to leak Hitman 2, as well as a number of details about the game, including episodic releases like the first game and a November release. They also teased a pre-order bonus where players could get the chance to be added to the game as DLC. While there was some trepidation about the leak yesterday, it seems to hold a lot more water today now that we know a Hitman 2 announcement is indeed incoming.

It will be interesting to see how the series changes under the watchful eye of WB Games instead of its usual home with Square Enix. IO Interactive is still the developer, so don’t expect it to be radically different. Hitman 2 is far from the first pre-E3 leak and announcement we’ve gotten going into the show. Later this week Sony is set to announce some big things. Fallout 76 and RAGE 2 have already been announced. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was leaked via a keychain, of all things. Bungie will be showing off what’s next for Destiny 2 tomorrow.

With all of the E3 information overload, developers want to get announcements out of the way so that they can focus the show on clarifying and offering information after people have already picked their jaws up off the floor. Do you think there are any E3 surprises left? Or do we already know everything by now? Are you excited for Hitman 2?

[Via: Reddit]