ManMade PS4 and PSVR Cinematic Teaser Released

There’s a new PS4 title on the horizon. In ManMade you’ll get to experience a 5-episode long cinematic sci-fi action-adventure. Players will be thrown into an “AI-ruled Istanbul of the 2050s.” The game is going to be PlayStation VR-compatible and it will give players a chance to see things from the eyes of various characters.

It’s pretty straightforward. Players make choices, and they can influence the future of the entire world. See? Things can’t get any simpler than that.

You’ll be stepping into the shoes of a William Kaan, “one of the creators of modern ruling AIs, who is now seeking revenge on his creations. He won’t hesitate to use his unique senses or wits to outsmart people to take revenge.”

ManMade is being developed for PS4 and PSVR. And here’s what it’s about:

“No one would have guessed that the world was on the verge of significant change. Nor the unfortunate chain of events that was awaiting Kaan, who was one of the pioneers of advanced artificial intelligence. He was living an entirely happy life, but an accident changed the course of his life. Losing his faith in artificial intelligence, Kaan wanted to get revenge on the system that betrayed him. The play reveals what life may bring in Istanbul in the year 2050 and displays the scenery. It also shows us how other people and our choices can drastically change our lives and touches on the fear of the future and the growth of artificial intelligence.”

For more details check out the game’s Kickstarter page.