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E3 2018: Anthem Loot Boxes and More in EA Info Dump

The end of EA’s E3 2018 is all about BioWare‘s next, big sci-fi epic. Of course, the main question on our minds is the Anthem loot boxes situation, and we’re pretty stoked to know that won’t be happening at all. Anthem will only have purchasable cosmetics, and they won’t be blinded by any randomization systems. Gameplay benefits won’t be a factor either.

In addition to the loot box news, EA and BioWare dropped a ton of information on what players can expect out of Anthem. This is going to be a hybrid between AAA-style multiplayer action combat, and BioWare-style storytelling. It’s not like Destiny, but rather players can choose to invite people into their missions after deploying from a single-player hub. in this hub, also described as a base, players will encounter storytelling, with all the choices and character-based narrative everyone expects.

Anthem is set in a world created by gods, and abandoned by those gods. It’s a volatile environment, which requires special exosuits called Javelins. The gods left their tools behind, referred to as the Anthem of Creation. Players take on the role of freelancers able to use Javelins to help out with all the dirty work needed.

The Javelins are essentially the player classes. You can pick between Ranger (the balance class), Colossus (slower, heavy weapons), Storm, or Interceptor. Players aren’t married to an initial choice, and can customize their kit/swap Javelins to suit team needs. Suits can also be customized visually, with both color-changing and geometry/model alterations.

Anthem is set for release on February 22, 2019.