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E3 2018: Fallout: 76 is Multiplayer, Releases in November

Bethesda dropped a megaton bomb of information on its upcoming Fallout: 76, including what the game actually is, on top of a release date and collector’s edition goodies. As rumored, Fallout: 76 is multiplayer, bringing players together in a big way (and making them build and defend settlements).

Bethesda announced dedicated servers, and years of support for what is essential a normal Fallout experience as we know them now, but with mass multiplayer player interactions. We see players attacking each other out in the wasteland, as well as banding together to survive. The C.A.M.P. system allows players to build territory as well, not unlike the systems introduced in Fallout 4. We also see them drop nukes on each other, which seem to have massive consequences. And rewards, because video games.

To boot, Todd Howard also dropped the release date in similar fashion to Fallout 4Fallout: 76 is dropping later this year, on November 14.