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E3 2018: Watch the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference Live Right Here

Yes, we’re a PlayStation site, but E3 is a time when the industry comes together to celebrate games. While Microsoft is sure to show off some desperately needed exclusive titles at the Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference, they’ll also undoubtedly provide a look at some multiplatform games that PlayStation gamers will be interested in. It’s also good to know what the competition is up to (and of course we have readers that support both platforms, so this is for them too). The Xbox E3 Media Briefing is scheduled to begin at at 1:00 pm PT/4:00 pm ET.

It’s likely we’ll hear from EA once again, showing off more from games like Battlefield V and Anthem. While they may have already had their own conference yesterday, we often see EA as a strong third-party partner with Microsoft year after year. On that note, expect to get some previews from Ubisoft as well. Ubisoft has often shown off the latest Assassin’s Creed and revealed other titles on Microsoft’s stage ahead of their own Monday conference. Could we see Square Enix appear there too, perhaps with Just Cause 4?

Aside from the third-party games, expect to see Microsoft come out swinging with exclusives. These are announcements they really need in the face of Sony’s success this generation. Could this be the year we see Halo 6? The next Gears of War? Will they drop another car in from the ceiling? Will Scalebound be resurrected one more time?

If you don’t want to watch the full live stream, stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll be covering the event live and will be publishing announcements for our readers as and when they happen. In the meantime, let us know what you’re most looking forward to and/or what you expect from the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 press conference.

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