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E3 2018: Transference Trailer Shows Off More Spooky Simulations

After popping up at E3 2017 to debut their game Transference, Elijah Wood and his company SpectreVision once again joined the stage during Ubisoft’s E3 2018 briefing to showcase more of the upcoming psychological thriller. In a new trailer (above), players get a pretty good look at just how creepy the game aims to be. In Transference, players will shift between three perspectives of a family as players aim to unravel the mystery of what exactly is happening inside a digital simulation of your life.

For a bit more on Transference, check out below for a brief description from SpectreVision:

Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind, in both VR and on traditional platforms. With Transference, we are bringing a first-person exploration game into a chilling new dimension. You will be plunged into the experiment of a troubled scientist, a corrupted digital simulation of his family formed using their collective brain data. Shift between the three perspectives of a family and unravel the mystery hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller.

A THRILLER THAT FEELS LIKE A MOVIE, BUT PLAYS LIKE A GAME Project yourself into a narrative experience that combines Hollywood with gaming. In Transference, you will be immersed in an unsettling psychological thriller with all of the tension of a suspense film, combining live-action footage with environmental storytelling to unlock haunting emotions that lingers long after you put the controller down.

Transference is slated to launch in Fall 2018 on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.