Shuhei Yoshida Says Unannounced PS4 Exclusives Are in the Works

Sony’s E3 2018 press conference remains divisive days after the event. Their opening with The Last of Us Part II still has people talking, but the intermission section is a sore spot. That said, it seems PlayStation has their full slate of games out in the wild in some form or fashion. However, according to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, the publisher has more tricks up its sleeve. There are PS4 exclusives that remain under wraps.

During an interview with Jagat Review, the interviewer asks Yoshida if all forthcoming PS4 exclusives are a known quantity. His response, while cryptic to a degree, reveals that there is more on the horizon. “In terms of if there are any unannounced PS4 titles in development, yes, there are,” Yoshida says. The interviewer emphasizes their point, again asking if PS4 exclusives are still in the works. Yoshida responds with another affirmative, but notes that he cannot divulge when Sony will reveal these titles.

With recent reports suggesting PlayStation 5 launches in 2020, additional PS4 exclusives certainly makes sense. Bluepoint Games, the studio behind remakes and remasters for Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted, is hard at work on a new project. Despite their latest lacking confirmation of platform exclusivity, the probability of a PlayStation-centric title from them is high. Yoshida’s statement could also speak to second-party exclusives; perhaps the coveted Bloodborne sequel acts as PS4’s swan song.

A few big shows, such as Gamescom, Paris Games Week, and PlayStation Experience, will round out the year. An announcement from one or all of these shows does not sound too far-fetched.

[Source via N4G]