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E3 Twitch Viewers Show Growth for Sony, Microsoft Breaks Tops Record

GITHYP, a site dedicated to number-crunching based on data from sources such as Steam and Twitch, has smashed all the numbers from the E3 2018 pres briefings. After comparing each company’s E3 Twitch viewers to each other and last year’s numbers, GITHYP has declared the official rankings, at least as far as Twitch is concerned. While each company, including Sony/PlayStation, broke last year’s viewership (except for EA), Microsoft not only took the lead, but broke Twitch’s all-time live event record.

Microsoft was able to use the running narrative leading up to the show to its advantage, a sort of corporate underdog story, to capture the lead for the second year in a row. Last year was undoubtedly due to the Xbox One X reveal, and the growth in viewers compared to then also propelled the briefing to the top of the list in Twitch’s live event history. Ubisoft took second place, again, strangely, for the second year in a row. Ubisoft’s 1.6 million viewers put it over Twitch’s previous record-holder, the Fortnite Pro-Am competition. Sony once again held a solid third place, and was the final of the E3 2018 press briefings to crack a million peak viewers. The only loss is EA’s, which was down 22% from last year.

The gulf between the top three was tiny, with Microsoft at 1.7 million, Ubisoft at 1.6, and Sony at 1.5. With no hardware announcements, these numbers come purely from the company’s reputations, the build up to the show, and of course, the games. Even Bethesda and Nintendo saw significant growth, both more than doubling their viewers compared to last year.

[Source: GETHYP]