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Report: Twitch Layoffs Happening, Morale at ‘All-Time Low’

Things are not looking good over at Twitch. According to a report from Rod Breslau, over 25 people were laid off from the company yesterday. The Twitch layoffs mostly impacted the company’s community and marketing teams. The company line behind the decision was that they had “over-hired,” and had to adjust.

Breslau also reports that “some Twitch employees were fired by new Twitch VP of Content Michael Aragon, who wasn’t even in the office and did this via a remote Google Hangouts call.” As one would expect, the firings have impacted morale at the company. It was described as being at an “all-time low.” One employee even said that they had been “Amazon’d,” referencing the parent company that purchased Twitch in 2016.

Breslau expanded on how hypocritical the firings are considering Twitch has a motto saying that creators are first:

I would like to wish everyone impacted by the Twitch layoffs well, and hope that they find work quickly.

[Source: Twitter]