PS4 Spider-Man to Join Marvel Comics Canon

The new, previously non-canon PS4 Spider-Man is now, well, swerving in the opposite direction. A new Marvel comics event, Spidergeddon, is gearing up to launch, and much like in 2014 event Spider-Verse, things are gonna get weird. Part of that will be the Marvel comics debut of Marvel’s Spider-Man, who will somehow be part of the new event.

This news comes from Polygon, who got the scoop from Christos Gage, who is not only the writer of Spidergeddon #0, but is also one of the Marvel writers contributing to the Marvel’s Spider-Man video gameSpidergeddon #0 is set to release on September 26, which follows Marvel’s Spider-Man release date on September 7.

If you’re curious to jump into this mess, you can start with the Spider-Verse storyline, which ran in 2014. Or, you can start with Edge of Spidergeddon, which will be starting this August. These stories will, of course, add context to some of the unlockable costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man, starting with Spider-Punk, one of the announced pre-order bonuses.

The Spider-Verse line is all about writers getting to play with the various permutations of Spider-Man from over the past several decades. This has meant several bizarre versions of Spider-Man, from across mediums, have technically left footprints on Marvel canon. This includes the Spider-Man from the old Hostess snack cakes ads, several animals, versions from cartoons, and even the Japanese, Tokusatsu version. It’s a lot to take in.

[Source: Polygon]