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Who is Spider-Man’s Mystery Villain?

Save for a certain Caped Crusader, Marvel’s Spider-Man boasts one of the richest and most diverse rogue galleries in the entire comic book pantheon – one that isn’t wasted on Insomniac Games, thank the heavens.

You see, for its upcoming PS4 exclusive, the Ratchet & Clank dev is pulling out all the stops, drafting in the likes of Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and Mister Negative, otherwise known as Peter Parker’s worst enemies.

Together, they form Marvel’s Sinister Six, an infamous posse of crooks and goons big and ugly enough to rival Suicide Squad. But a quick headcount reveals that there’s still one character missing from the Insomniac roster, as was teased at the tail-end of Spider-Man‘s incredible E3 sizzle reel. And it seems there are more still to come.

Jailbreak: Raft Leaks!

That leaves the door open for an Arkham Asylum-like twist, where it’s revealed that the real villain has been hiding under our noses the entire time. He/she will need to be pretty adept at assembling a villainous team, too, as it’s implied that Spider-Man‘s mystery antagonist is actually responsible for the jailbreak. But who does Insomniac have waiting in the wings?

Put simply, who is orchestrating the Sinister Six? First, we must turn to “The New Avengers: Breakout” comic and whittle down a list of contenders, beginning with one of the baddest SOBs in all of Hell’s Kitchen…

Whatever the outcome, Insomniac’s Spider-Man launches exclusively for PS4 on September 7, and it may well signal the beginning of a Marvel Games universe.

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