DICE Talks Battlefield V’s Battle Royale and Lack of Paid DLC

Though it received nothing but a brief mention at EA Play, Battlefield V’s battle royale mode is one of the more intriguing announcements to come out of E3. The only known detail is that DICE plans on adding it to the experience post-launch. This incites concerns about whether the mode is merely an after-thought, and thus unworthy of DICE’s time. However, the studio promises battle royale will be a tailored experience that players can’t have anywhere else.

Talking to DualShockers, Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson, answers the question of why the mode interests the developer.

“That it can be unique is probably what triggered our interest to start with. We were kind of inspired by what we played and lots of talks in the corridors about ‘we really should… We really should. We have so much in our Battlefield sandbox that would be such a good fit for this.’ That’s where the conversations started, and it led up to the announcement.”

Additionally, Gustavsson addresses concerns regarding battle royale potentially affecting Battlefield’s core appeal.

“It is super-exciting and for us, Battlefield can do so much. Of course, doing Royale doesn’t mean that the traditional experience or where we constantly push forward disappears. Grand Operations will be there. The whole post-launch experience where players can play together and not divided by the pass. We want to take players on that journey through the war.”

The team isn’t ready to discuss how a Battlefield V battle royale play session functions. Therefore, details on map size and number of players are likely to remain under wraps for a while. But Gustavsson does explain the decision to launch with a noted lack of paid DLC. The key reason is a desire to regain goodwill from their community. If Star Wars Battlefront II opened a wound, Battlefield V aims to begin the healing process.

Says Gustavsson,

“We have so many talented people who have built some of our best maps ever post-launch. Usually, we build a game with a mindset and everything, and then when we do post-launch we learn from that, and allow ourselves to ‘go deep’ on this or that. It’s been kind of sad to see that we’ve splintered our community through the years and some times those experiences haven’t gotten all the love they deserve. So that’s why the team is super-happy to do this.”

Battlefield V launches on October 19.

[Source: DualShockers]