Spider-Man PS4 Mocap Actor Reveals New Villain

Loose lips sink ships. Or, in this case, reveal new Spider-Man PS4 villains. A mocap actor for the Insomniac Games title has accidentally spilled the beans when it comes to pulling the curtain back on the appearance of yet another villain and, while it may not shock many, it’s nice to see this baddie in particular rock up to make Peter Parker’s life a living hell.

During a Black Ops 4 YouTube interview, the unnamed man who has been doing mocap work for Rhino in the game spoke of the troubles with villain scale and size when it comes to certain fight scenes.

“The fight scene was particularly hard,” the mocap actor says, “Because everyone was scaled differently. Y’know, Doctor Octopus is really tall…”

Wait, Doctor Octopus? While the actor himself is blissfully unaware he’s revealed brand-new information in the clip above, this is the first we’ve heard, officially or otherwise, that Doc Ock would be in the game. Of course, many could have guessed from the Spider-Man PS4 E3 2018 trailer that Otto Octavius was the man skulking in the shadows, teasingly out of shot, but, still, it’s nice to be safe in the knowledge that he’s showing up.

Just don’t pull a Superior Spider-Man on us, m’kay, Insomniac?