Anthem’s Javelin Suits Will be The Same Size, No Matter the Character’s Gender

BioWare have thought about everything, right down to the smallest detail. Don’t believe me? Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah has revealed on Twitter that Javelin suits, the exo suits, complete with boosters, that players will wear in-game won’t differ in size depending on your gender. So, no more patronizingly tiny frames for women, overblown macho mechs for men, and anything else that may be on offer. It’s one size fits all.

While it may not be a big deal for some, the pure aesthetics alone of some games that opt for different size suits and armor depending on the gender can look frankly ludicrous at times. BioWare has weaved its way around that issue by opting for a simpler, more streamlined approach. In Anthem’s world, no one is different, which is nice.

Darrah’s reveal that the team went ‘back and forth’ on the decision speaks volumes of not only how open BioWare is being in the lead-up to Anthem’s launch in 2019, but how much of a contentious issue it could be for some players. It really is the little things that count and, as Anthem looks to be BioWare’s biggest game yet, the Javelin suits appear to be the tip of an extensive, transparent developmental iceberg. There’s plenty more to come from Darrah, I’ll bet, so be sure to keep tabs on his Twitter account for more Anthem tidbits.