Call of Duty: WW2 Brand New DLC Coming Today

Call of Duty: WW2 has received a third wave of DLC for the PlayStation 4 today. With this DLC players will be getting a major update that features a brand new division. The Call of Duty: WW2 DLC now has ‘The Cavalry’ that boasts an objective-based class, which was described as “the true team-play division.” Here Cavalry soldiers utilize the Cavalry Shield, and that’ll provide protection against enemy fire. These Cavalry soldiers have improved objective capabilities, which denotes capturing Domination flags quicker, planting bombs in Search & Destroy faster and swiftly constructing and destroying walls in War mode.

  • NEW Basic Training: Escalation – If you love rushing with an SMG, then the Escalation Basic Training was made for you. After each kill, you can aim down sights twice as fast for a short period. This allows you to snap on to targets and take them down in rapid succession. Double Kills with Escalation instantly refill your magazine, so that you can keep slaying the opposition.
  • NEW Basic Training: Wanderlust – The new Wanderlust Basic Training is similar to personal Gun Game. Each life, you respawn with a new random gun (which has up to 6 attachments). And pressing TRIANGLE or Y (weapon switch) will provide a new weapon. This unusual Basic Training makes each life feel unique as you use whatever weaponry is available.
  • NEW Basic Training: Specialist – When equipped, Specialist allows you to select 3 Basic Trainings to earn instead of Scorestreaks. At 200, 400, and 600 score, you unlock each Basic Training. And at 800 score, you are granted all Basic Trainings in the game. Progress resets on death, so stay alert. Specialist allows skilled players to feel the power of having multiple Basic Trainings at once.

What’s more, the Cavalry offers additional score from objectives. Also, two assists equal a kill. So yeah, once again, Cavalry is going to be exceptionally helpful in War mode.

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