Dreams release date

Rumor: Amazon Italy Leaks Bloodborne 2, Splinter Cell, and a Dreams Release Date

You thought all the leaks came before E3? Think again. Ahead of potential gamescom announcements, Amazon Italy has leaked a number of games and release. Bloodborne 2 is the big headliner of the leak, but we’re skeptical because FromSoftware is working on Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. They have said that they aren’t done with Soulsborne styled games, though this would have them working on three games at once (Sekiro, VR title Deracine, and Bloodborne 2). It’s the second leak though, with Bloodborne 2 first rumored ahead of Sony’s E3 press conference. Educated guess on the part of Amazon Italy, or does the retailer have early knowledge of the game to get ready for the inevitable influx of preorders?

Splinter Cell was another title that many expected to show up at E3. A number of leaks outed the game, but Sam Fisher was a no-show. Amazon Italy is listing the game once again, perpetuating rumors that we might see an announcement soon. As much as this one keeps showing up, it’s only a matter of time until Ubisoft shows it off.

Finally, Amazon Italy listed the Dreams release date as the increasingly crowded February 22. This one is a little bit harder to swallow, as Sony already has one of their big tentpole releases, Days Gone, coming out on the same day. Feelings around Days Gone are already divisive, so it’s hard to imagine Sony wanting another massive exclusive to share that spotlight. If Dreams is indeed coming in 2019, that would push it from the previously promised 2018 window. We haven’t yet received any information on the beta that will precede its release. It wouldn’t be surprising if the release has been pushed out to next year.

Do you think the Amazon Italy leaks are legitimate or estimated guesses? gamescom is the next major gaming event, so keep an eye out for these announcements in August.

[Source: ResetEra]