Deracine VR is From Software's New and Different Game

FromSoftware Talks About Inspiration for Their VR Game, Déraciné

During this year’s E3 festivities From Software uncovered a brand new project for the PlayStation VR, Déraciné. This certainly came as a surprise for many. The developer is mostly recognized for their ultra-popular action RPGs Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but nobody saw a PlayStation VR game coming. For now it’s pretty obvious that they are very passionate about this project. Déraciné is an adventure game that follows an “unseen faerie” who explores the school and is mysteriously frozen in time. If you want to learn more, check out our previous post about what kind of experience awaits players in Déraciné VR.

FromSoftware prez Hidetaka Miyazaki recently had a chitchat with Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager, thus revealing additional info about the intriguing new project. The chat goes into why From Software was inspired to make a game that seems like a major detour from the company’s work so far. Anyhow, VR is the key thing here. Their primary goal is to make something new and “different.”

He added: “We actually released a lot of adventure games prior to our more recent reputation for action titles. For example, we released one called Echo Knight. We didn’t want to just bring that back, but at the same time we knew that we had heritage in adventure games.”

“Maybe not all our newer fans will know this but once upon a time we used to put out very strange, quirky and unique games. That’s very attractive to me as a developer – I don’t want to keep on putting out the same kind of games all the time.”

“When I was a kid I was reading books that were probably intended for an older age group. They were books that were very hard for me to understand,” Miyazaki continued. “If I read the book straight-up I probably didn’t understand some of the words or concepts and the meanings. But the work that I had to do – like leaving some of the story up to my imagination, or going back to read things again later when I had greater understanding – that’s a process that has had a big influence on what I do today.”

It must be said that FromSoftware really seems to be going in the right direction with this one. Share your thoughts about this interesting new game in the comments below.

[Source: Shacknews]