The Fortnite Blast Off Event is Still Going (And It Might Destroy Everything)

If you missed the Fortnite Blast Off event that took place on June 30, then you might have been ruing your bad luck. Fear not, the after-effects of the rocket-fuelled event are still present and, get this, they’re getting bigger and bigger.

While the crack in the sky was the headline news, that wasn’t even close to the end of it. Two inter-dimensional rifts have begun opening up across the Fortnite map. The first has already swallowed the sign in Lonely Lodge, and the second has put a literal hole in the game’s motel sign.

The being from another dimension (or whatever it is) may just have a vendetta against signs but, in all seriousness, this points to a world-ending event to kick off Fortnite season 5 on July 12. The fact that the rifts are slowly getting bigger and are popping up all over the place adds serious weight to that theory.

So, keep your eyes peeled, I guess? Epic are definitely going to be ramping things up on Fortnite over the coming 10 days. Hug your loved ones, do a couple of dabs and, for the love of god, steer clear of any bright blue rifts to other dimensions. They’re bad for your health.

[Source: Fortnite Intel]