Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Coming to PS4

Circle Entertainment and Rideon Japan’s Mercenaries series is coming to PlayStation. Previously announced for the Switch eShop, a Mercenaries Wings PS4 release has also been confirmed. Both versions will be releasing in digital-only formats this fall in Japan.

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is part of Circle Entertainment’s Mercenaries series, although it is not a direct sequel to the previous Mercenaries Saga Chronicles trilogy. The set was previously released on the Nintendo Switch, while the original games, Will of the White LionsOrder of the Silver Eagle, and Gray Wolves of War, first released for the Nintendo 3DS and mobile phones.

Before the Mercenaries Saga series, Rideon Japan debuted with Adventure Bar Story which was only localized for the 3DS, and Adventure Bar Labyrinth, which briefly existed on the PlayStation Vita while PlayStation Mobile was a thing, and was later ported to 3DS.

This release marks the return of Rideon Japan to PlayStation platforms, which is good news considering how solid the developer’s games are. Fans of the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre would enjoy Mercenaries Saga, so paying attention to this new entry is likely a good idea. Circle Entertainment currently has plans to make new announcements every Wednesday through the month of July, so more information on Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix could be in store.

[Source: Gematsu]