Caged Element Announces GRIP’s New Carkour Mode

We’ve previously reported on Caged Element’s GRIP, a brutal and cut-throat combat racer that’s inspired by the late 90s Rollcage games. Now, the developers have announced via press release that a new mode is coming to its futuristic racer in the form of a carkour mode. You can watch the reveal trailer above.

GRIP‘s carkour mode is exactly as you’d imagine: trying to get from point A to point B as fast and as flashy as possible. According to the press release, GRIP will “feature, among other modes, 19 challenging ‘Carkour’ maps in which players are challenged to master a series of increasingly mind-bending stunt courses. Eighteen maps are Point-to-Point, culminating in a final, ‘open’ map – a playground of jumps, twist and turns packed full of collectibles.”

At the Games Developers Conference earlier this year, we had the chance to check out GRIP with an exclusive hands-on preview. We called the game a “fast-paced, dangerously fun combat racer that brought back memories of Twisted Metal, but with a more sci-fi twist” that manages to “forge its own path as a seat-of-your pants experience like nothing else in the racing genre for this generation of consoles.” We also had the opportunity to chat with the developers before the demo about what we can expect from GRIP, writing, “The team didn’t want to skimp on tracks and locations, so they started out with four different planets and then have 18 tracks spread out across them. Some of these will be reversed, with revamped jump sections, but each track should feel unique. I was shown two different tracks and both were equally insane. There are plans for more tracks as DLC, but these will be free. Planets range from ice cubes to fireballs, so you can expect a wide variety of weather and environments to race through.”

GRIP is available now for PC via Steam Early Access and scheduled for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime this fall.