Dead Island 2 Confirmed as Still in Development

The release of Dead Island: Survivors marks the first official word on a title in the series in quite a while. However, Survivors isn’t the franchise’s next big thing, so to speak. Rather, it’s a mobile game in the tower defense genre, available as a free-to-play offering on Android and iOS. This stealth release on mobile will see players worldwide take down hordes of undead enemies, but what of Dead Island’s proper sequel? The game’s official Twitter account confirms Dead Island 2 is still very much in the works.

Responding to a fan’s curiosity about the follow-up entry, the account tweeted the following:

Ahead of this year’s E3, Dead Island 2 reappeared as a listing on the Microsoft Store. Before then, developments on the sequel’s progress were scarce. Not since May of 2017 has publisher Deep Silver said anything of note on this particular front. Deep Silver’s last words on the matter were, “Dead Island 2 is in development at Sumo Digital, and we are excited by the progress the team are making with Deep Silver’s most successful IP. When we are ready to share more information, we will.”

The silence is still worrying, though, considering the troubling development cycle, thus far. Dead Island 2’s original announcement dates back to E3 2014. Yager Productions, sub-division to the Spec Ops: The Line studio, Yager Development, was initially behind development. In July 2015, Deep Silver removed Yager from the project and the Yager Productions division shuttered.

LittleBigPlant 3 developer, Sumo Digital took over production in 2016. Yet, besides the May 2017 statement, all has remained silent. Should the Twitter account’s confirmation of active development and a promise of news “at a later stage” quell the concerns of fans? We’ll have to wait and see. While the wait persists, though, at least Dead Island: Survivor will scratch the zombie slaying itch. If not, the franchise’s original developer, Techland, has Dying Light 2 on the horizon.

[Source via GamesRadar]