Dying Light 2 E3 2018 trailer

E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Gameplay Trailer Features Parkour and Choices

Dying Light is back, everyone. Veteran game designer and writer Chris Avellone takes to the stage over at the MS E3 2018 press conference, to tell us more about the parkour-flavored, zombie themed Dying Light 2. Based on the video you’re about to see, it looks as though gamers will be thrown into a truly violent undead world. Check out the Dying Light 2 E3 2018 trailer above.

While talking during the Microsoft presser, Chris explained that Dying Light 2 is set in sort “the modern dark ages.” Also, one of the biggest and most important facets of the game is making choices. The players will make a huge impact on the world by making their own decisions in certain situations. This, as Avellone explained, allows players to have a totally unique experience. As you explore, you’ll be “carving out your own world.”

As a result, every single playthrough will be different and each player will experience different things. Of course, at the very end of the presentation, he gave another cool teaser by announcing to everyone that all of the choices you make and people you meet lead to variety of concequences… but that’s still nothing, when compared to nighttime. That’s when things get serious. This was a feature used in the original game – during the night, it’s much tougher to survive. Enemies are tougher etc. etc.