Fortnite is Introducing Missing Red Knight Skin Back Bling for Users

A new Fortnite skin these days is about as big as a gaming event gets. The return of the Red Knight skin was no exception. Except, something was missing. That’s right: if you’ve purchased the legendary skin and found that you’ve got a missing Fortnite Red Knight skin Back Bling burning a hole in your virtual wallet, then you’re not alone. You haven’t *quite* wasted 2,000 V-Bucks (roughly $20), however, as Epic has announced they’re working on an imminent fix.

The Fortnite Red Knight skin, which was introduced during Season Two in February, returned as of this week – with no back bling in sight. Here’s what Epic has to say about the cosmetic conundrum:

Happy with that, Fortnite fans?  What with the news that the Playground Mode LTM is being shelved temporarily next week, and now this, it’s looking like Epic’s are heading towards their first sticky patch in quite some time. ‘Near future’ doesn’t exactly scream an imminent fix but, for of you who have spent your hard-earned money, here’s hoping the missing Red Knight skin Back Bling (trust me, it makes sense if you play the game) is hoisted around your shoulders sooner rather than later.