Animal Force, a VR Party Against Aliens, Has Arrived

This tower defense party game puts a VR, extraterrestrial spin on the formula. In Animal Force, one player is rocking the PS VR headset while up to 3 non-VR players use the DualShock controller. Controller players attempt to sneak past the VR Player. There are also additional modes “that feature asymmetric gameplay; Steal the Statue, Odd One Out, and Divide & Conga.”

Animal Force offers a story mode as well in which the player attempts to protect as many animals as possible, picking them up with a rocket they control and moving them to strategic places to protect them from the atmosphere. Alternatively, you can just hold onto the entire chain of superpowered animals and use them to battle against enemy forces. With 30 different missions through a variety of environments the gameplay should last you a while.

The thought of swinging around what’s essentially a stick of powerful animals is hilarious and certainly has childlike appeal, which makes sense in a game that’s advertised as a VR party game for all ages. Anyone who has put on a PSVR headset knows there’s something inherently funny about it. VR tech is still so new that the novelty makes you smile in a mix of awe and “oh my god, I’m very much out of my comfort zone.” That emotional state lends itself well to some ridiculous gameplay. And for only $15.99, this could be a fun one to play with the family.