Here's Every PSVR2 Game From the uploadvr showcase 2023

Here’s Every PSVR2 Game From the UploadVR Showcase 2023

The UploadVR Showcase 2023 had a ton of VR games for every platform. Not all of them were announced for PSVR2, though, so here’s every game from the show that’s coming to PlayStation’s latest headset.


This climbing game focused around bananas and monkeys is releasing on September 7.

The Events at Unity Farm

This strange horror game is in development for PSVR2.

Tin Hearts

This Lemmings-like title was previously on other VR headsets and then made a transition to consoles. And now it’s making its way back to VR on PSVR2.

Happy Funland

This horror title that seems to be a mix of Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, and Disney World is coming to PSVR2 in 2023.

Madison VR

This is a VR version of the horror game that released in 2022 and is coming to PSVR2 on or near Halloween.


A this base-builder with melee combat is already out on other headsets, but has been confirmed to be coming to PSVR2 this summer.


This on-rails roguelite shooter is coming to PSVR2 sometime this year.

Paint the Town Red VR

This blocky, violent brawler is making its way to PSVR2 in early 2024.

Pixel Ripped 1978

This third episode of the series is coming out on June 15, but it got a new trailer.

B99 Overclocked

This is an upgraded version of the cyberspace VR shooter that released in 2022. This already-announced PSVR2 version will have new game modes, enemies, and abilities, as well as a “new perspective” and enhanced visuals. It’s releasing this month.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate Episode III

This anime adventure is getting its third episode on July 13.

Sushi Ben

This game by the writer and creator of Hatoful Boyfriend was already confirmed for PSVR2, but it got an eccentric new gameplay trailer.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Crossfire: Sierra Squad was already confirmed for PSVR2, but got another trailer and is releasing in August.


Grimlord, the dark fantasy RPG that was previously confirmed for PSVR2, got another trailer. The big news was that it got an early access date for the Quest (June 22), but players on PSVR2 will still have to wait, as that version is still listed as “coming soon.”

A Fisherman’s Tale

This well-received PSVR game is getting a PSVR2 port.


This already-announced Blade Runner-esque shooter got a new trailer and is coming “when it’s done” in 2023.

Ragnarock DLC

This title launched with PSVR2, but it is getting the Sabaton Raid DLC on June 22 that includes a new boat and pair of drumsticks, as well as six new tracks by Sabaton.


This highly anticipated PSVR2 shooter releasing on July 4 got a new trailer that explained its mechanics.

Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut

This is an upgraded version of the 2021 stealth game is set in Feudal Japan contains better textures, anti-aliasing, and enemy A.I., as well as modernized controls, narrative changes, inventory updates, and more. It is releasing in fall 2023.


This technically wasn’t part of the UploadVR Showcase 2023, but the PSVR2 port of Hubris was confirmed just ahead of the stream to be coming out on June 22.