We Happy Few Gets A Disturbing 5-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is still one month away from release. The game tackles some controversial issues, and has already been under fire for its themes, especially in the bright and cheerful country of Australia. In that particular region, the developers of We Happy Few had to deal with their product being banned by the Australian Classification Board. The brand new We Happy Few trailer features cool-looking fresh footage from the upcoming game.

The latest 5-minute video shows a variety of disturbing, albeit brilliantly directed scenes. By now it’s easy to tell that Compulsion Games are determined to stick to their agenda when it comes to conveying a dramatic, dystopian, drug-fueled society. With the first-rate direction and excellent voice acting, We Happy Few shows tremendous promise at this stage, having been in development for quite some time.

Now, putting aside things like the ban in Australia (which is currently under review), this game has a lot going for it. Apart from an interesting gameplay concept, it really stands out thanks to its unique atmosphere and that’s something very few developers manage to accomplish these days.

As we have learned last month, We Happy Few is going to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 10, 2018.

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